Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An open letter to the addressee of Young MC’s “Bust a Move”

OK, I just want to say right from the start that I’m not trying to step on anybody’s toes here. I know you and Mr. MC go back a ways, and that you look to him as something of a mentor, young though he may be. Really, I have no strong objection to any of Mr. MC’s advice. His cautions against overzealousness, overeating and vows of celibacy are all spot-on. I do feel his methods may rely a bit too heavily on move-busting, but then, I don’t move in the party-hopping, beach-going, high-class-luncheon attending circles that you do.

No, what has me concerned is your relationship with Larry. You know, Harry’s brother? I’m worried that Larry may be a little, for lack of a better word, off. Now, don’t get upset. I know you’re slated to be the Best Man in the man’s wedding ceremony, but that’s exactly my point. Best Man is a very personal position with a lot of emotional ties attached to it. Are you telling me that Larry’s closest male bond is with his brother’s best friend? Does he not have any other friends of his own? Are you and he even friends in your own right?

And let’s talk about the timing of this whole thing. Larry is getting married in five days from now. Doesn’t a five-day window seem a little narrow for nailing down a Best Man? I know when I got married, the whole wedding party was informed months ahead of time. It’s not like this is a spur-of-the-moment shotgun wedding or some kind of Vegas chapel quickie. Larry has a church reserved and he expects you to rent a tuxedo. This thing’s been in place for a while. Maybe the previous Best Man canceled and you’re a last-minute substitute, but even then it seems odd that you vaulted from not even being invited into one of the most prestigious spots in the wedding party.

That’s another thing – he wants you to make it there “if you can”? Just how non-committal is this chump? If his bride-to-be is anything like mine was, she’s going to insist on having every detail mapped out, every RSVP accounted for, every “t” crossed and every “i” dotted. His casual attitude toward your attendance – toward his Best Man’s attendance! – speaks either to a total disregard for his future wife’s peace of mind or to some deeper level of sociopathy. Either way, it doesn’t bode well for the marriage, and it certainly doesn’t make Larry seem like someone I’d want as my friend.

Now look. I know you love Harry and would never want to do anything to put him on the outs with his family. But I really suspect this brother of his has some issues that you don’t want to involve yourself with. It’s not too surprising, I suppose. After all, he was raised by the sort of parents who thought giving their sons rhyming names was a good idea. If I were you, I’d come up with some kind of excuse for the wedding day and try to avoid Larry as best you can in the future.

I mean, tell the truth – you’re really only doing this in hopes of busting a move with one of those slatternly little bridesmaids, aren’t you? Why bother with that when you’ve been doing so well in so many other, Larry-free venues? Why don’t you give that girl from the movie theater a call? You know, the one who wore that yellow dress? She seemed nice. I think she was really into you, too.

But hey, don’t let me tell you what to do. If you want to waste your time with all of that faking and goodness-saking, that’s on you. Just don’t tell Larry we had this conversation, OK? That guy gives me the vapors something fierce.


  1. Was this prompted by my status, or the other way around?

  2. I've been doing this routine for a long while, much to my wife's chagrin. Your status prompted me to expand upon it. Thanks kindly.

  3. You son of a bitch! Marvin told me about this post and kept telling me to relax and let-it-go because you were just an aragant little writer who can't know any better. Allow me to smother some of the smugness from your pompous "letter"

    First of all, Larry is a kind, gentle, and loving human being who happens to "suffer" from Down's Syndrom (the quotes around suffer were to help you understand why he may seem a little "off"). Larry did meet a very sweet, beautiful and caring lady from his bowling club. As you may know, the life expectancy of someone in Larry's "condition" is conciderably shorter than that of an arogant writer (unless of course you drink yourself to death first) so his engagement was a bit shorter than mosts (3 months total). Finally finding his true love, the two of them decided to tie the knot. Since I was officiating the wedding, our father was going to be his best man. I apologize... to YOU for my brother not having the social networkings that you and your pretentious asshole friends may have but he is quite content with his life and with the small amount of good friends he does have. And, due to untimely death of my father (thanks to the cancer that slowly ate away at his insides), one week before the wedding, Larry had to find a replacement to stand in for the ignorant, uncreative man who single-handedly raised two boys alone on a part-time construction workers salary. Thank fucking God my good friend Greg graciously stepped up and accepted my brothers offer to stand by his side for the happiest day of his fucking life.

    So, Mr. Brooker, enjoy your "routine." Just know that out of some very unfortunate situations, people will prosper. We do what we can to make the lives of others a beautiful place regardless of our skills or successes.

    And, I won't tell Larry we had this conversation, it would hurt him too much.

  4. Dang, Harry. You've left me standing on the wall like I was Poindexter.